Leadership Academy

Gym Rats Leadership Academy

Gym Rats Inc. exists to provide a teaching and learning forum to establish foundational core values for youth participants ages 5-19 and adult coaches to become positive influences within their communities. Our mission is to empower the youth of today by instilling life-lessons and a healthy sense of self-respect, emotional and physical well-being, work ethic, confidence, respect for community, and commitment through the sport of basketball.

During the Leadership Academy, we will be reading and discussing Joe Ehrmann’s “Inside Out Coaching”. Each coach/mentor will receive a copy of the book. The Leadership Academy schedule is outlined below. This is a requirement for all Gym Rats and Indy Heat coaches.  We are excited to start our journey together through self-awareness and the internal work necessary to become a transformational coach, teacher, mentor, and/or parent.

See you on the Court!

Part I: The InSideOut Process

Jan 31th    

Chapter 1 – Stepping inside

Chapter 2 – My Heroes have always been coaches

Feb 15th    

Chapter 3 – A Complex Transaction

Chapter 4 – The Plays that thing

March 14th     

Chapter 5 – The Why: The way and how

Part I – Questions

Pre game

How we make sense of our lives dictates how we live them?

Can you recall a time when someone coached, taught, or parented you in a way that caused you fear? Explain

Have you ever been surprised, frightened or disappointed by a behavior in your coaching career that seemed out of character for you?

Post game

How often do you honestly reflect on and evaluate your life? With whom are you totally honest?

Transformational principle

Inside out coaching begins with an intentional process of understanding yourself so that you can renew your mind and be transformed and impact the athletes you coach for life.

Part II: The InSideOut Program

 April 10     

Chapter 6 – Community: A Team without walls

May 1

Chapter 7 – The classroom after class: sports as co curricular


Chapter 8 – Contact, Communicate, Connect


Chapter 9  – Just Win Baby


Chapter 10 – Ceremony

Part II – Questions

Pre game

We all have memorable sports moments, positive and negative share one of your most memorable sports moments from childhood.

Can you think of a couple of “game changers” in your life that have shifted your direction? Explain

Discuss an experience when you have been your BEST as a coach? Discuss an experience when you have been your WORST as a coach? How is your heart revealed in your coaching behavior?

What old memories keep you from being fully alive to life and to your players?

Post Game

What are the next steps you will take this week to move toward a more integrated spirit filled transformational approach to you coaching?



Sports Biography

Asking for feedback



Transformational Principle

InSideOut Coaching begins with a commitment to the process of knowing yourself.