About us

Welcome to Indy Heat Gym Rats. We take pride in our approach and delivery of our process in grass roots basketball. 

Gym Rats Inc.  (Indy Heat Gym Rats formerly known as Spiece) is a not-for-profit youth basketball organization founded in 1992 with the purpose of providing an organized structure for youths to compete in basketball at all levels of skill. Indy Heat Gym Rats believes that many life lessons are learned through competitive basketball and strives to ensure that personal values are learned and mutual respect is earned so that energies are transformed from teamwork on the court today to positive contributions in society tomorrow.

Indy Heat Gym Rats is a proud member of the Nike EYBL. Our program has been the only Nike sponsored program in the state of Indiana for over 10 years.  We take pride in our approach to grassroots basketball. And in doing so, we have helped a tremendous amount of student-athletes utilize the sport of basketball as a stepping stone to a future of their own making.